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Not planning on posting any more at LJ, and will probably eventually delete entries over there. Still reading there for now.
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..being almost the end in the Tree Saga....what was left got cut down yesterday, since we really didn't want it falling on the house at some random time. Still have to get the stump ground, which involves removing part of the sidewalk and rebuilding it, but the main tree is gone, leaving a huge notable place where there should BE something but isn't. And it was budding, too...still trying to keep going, though it was not in good shape. I kinda feel partially responsible for the death of a vast life form.
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The name of the restaurant we had lunch at: Na's Thai Cafe
Name as it appeared in the nearby restaurants link of the GPS: Nas Thai Cafe
As spoken by the GPS: "Now approaching destination Naval Air Station Thai Cafe on right.."


Feb. 2nd, 2012 10:23 pm
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I really need to figure out how to import the LJ stuff over here sometime...


Aug. 1st, 2011 10:49 pm
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E, as soon as she stepped outside this morning: "Why is it the kind of hot that feels like it's raining?" Thought that was a great description of the ridiculously high humidity.
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LJ seems to be's the third day it's been down. So setting this up for potential use.

well,that was a little disappointing. tried to set it up for cross-posting but got an internal error.
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..I'd've stayed in Miami.

Ugh. Super humid and already in the 80s at 6 in the morning. A's summer program closing early every day this week because of the heat, which means a scramble to arrange things so we can pick her up.

The attic is uninhabitable; tried leaving the windows open up there but of course we got a thunderstorm yesterday during the day so now the carpet up there is soaked. had to take the batteries out of the smoke detector up there because the heat and humidity alone were setting it off.

Yes, I live in a place with an annual temperature range of 120 degrees. (That's just locally; the state range is 170+!)
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There are new chairs in the conference rooms at the building my company just moved to; they still have the tags on them. I was disturbed to note that I was sitting on "Think. The Chair with a Brain. And a Conscience."
Um, no..I really don't want my chair to have a brain...
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so, as of a few days ago, we finally got done with the house repairs needed after the great tree collapse of July, all but the inspection; they got the outside light where it belongs at long last (did the big jobs amazingly fast, but the details of getting the awnings in the right place and then getting that light back by the door took an extra 2 weeks) the gusts-over-60 mph, lowest pressure recorded in the state storm we've been getting here...there are now shingles in the yard instead of on the roof.
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Seems like not only can we not give away the rest of the tree, we can't even pay anyone to take it.

Tried to Freecycle it; got a response or two, but the people never showed up. Gave up and started calling tree places--one of which said oh, they were scheduled 4-6 weeks out and was it storm damage? Because they weren't taking any more storm damage. Way to go to lose us as a future customer, permanently...

Got someone else who actually came and cut it up more and took the part that was on the lawn, pushing the part on the driveway FURTHER out (making it almost impossible to get out of the garage). This was last night. They haven't come back yet. Good thing we haven't paid them yet.

This is driving me crazy.
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..still no word back from the insurance adjuster who came last Saturday and said we should hear back from him in a week, after he talked to the siding expert (another job for the never-knew-it-existed list: siding expert for insurance company). Got a nasty letter from the city inspections department about the tree on Friday; finally got in touch with neighbor who wants it and he did come haul off the logs he'd previously cut this evening--2 big vanfuls. (still leaves a big section to go, probably the part the inspections people really don't like....hoping he will come back with a chain saw and get that too..) Kinda surprised the letter from the city didn't say anything about the siding (or rather, lack thereof), but a good thing as at this rate it may be like that for a while..

The tree

Jul. 18th, 2010 10:17 pm
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This weekend has been...interesting. In the sense of the Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times".

And I still regret not getting to a single one of the umpteen yard sales I saw signs for...

Anyway, the main excitement was last night. We'd had thunderstorms moving through since afternoon, and wound up moving the kids down to the basement right after getting them to bed since there was a tornado warning. Maybe fifteen minutes after that, the power went out. Turns out that our beautiful big old maple tree had split down the middle, tearing down the power (and phone and cable) lines, completely blocking the driveway and alley. When it ripped out the lines, it tore the siding off that side of the house.

Most of today was spent either waiting for or watching the power company guys (who were here for 4 hours with a cherrypicker truck), the electrician, the tree guy, the phone guy. We finally got power back around 7:30 (there were other problems locally besides our tree..but the last hour or so was that they had embarrassingly forgotten to turn on a circuit..).

J managed to extract my car from the garage, amazingly and just barely (a feat that would not have worked had the car been even 2 inches longer). His is stuck in there til we get the tree removed.

It could have been a hell of a lot worse, if we had gotten a tornado instead. One day without power is nothing (though I still suspect i should toss some things from the fridge). But hearing the chainsaws took me right back to Miami after Andrew...

supposedly the city parks department is supposed to get the tree parts out of the alley, and might be nice enough to get what's in the driveway (way too big for us to move, we tried).


Jun. 21st, 2010 10:53 pm
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(while waiting for photos to sloowwwwly upload....i still think a film camera is easier to deal with than a digital in some ways!)

Rosefest parade was fun. It actually did not rain (after almost constant light rain on the entire hour-long drive all the way across the metro out there) and wasn't as hot as last year. We successfully ignored the wildly waving baton from all the kids our conductor picked to "help" for a few minutes. (Float could've used way more decoration, though!)

NC trip..lots to say about that, later.
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I spent a large portion of the weekend cooking, and a large part of that making leftovers into something new...bread pudding, bagel chips, chilaquiles (which is basically a savory bread pudding, but with tortillas instead of bread). I made five meals today, plus endless snacks for the exceedingly munchy small fry. (No, we didn't EAT five meals, but I'm counting making lunches for tomorrow and making most of tomorrow's dinner).

Target has their Valentine's Day stuff out already, so I let A pick out a box of valentines. This had the exceedingly salutatory effect that she has now got them almost completely ready to go all by herself--torn apart,stuck the little stickers that go with them in the itsy-bitsy little slots, wrote the names on them, folded them--stuff that I spent hours helping her with last year.

cold house

Jan. 4th, 2010 10:28 pm
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Up in the attic: 56 degrees.
Down in the basement: not yet specifically measured but similar.
On the (fully enclosed) porch: well, after watering the big Norfolk pine yesterday, today we noticed ICE in the pot.

Main floor: livable except if you are touching the walls (which all the beds are..)

Friend at work is glumly convinced that it will never warm up; wouldn't even take me up on a bet that it would be above freezing by June..


Dec. 25th, 2009 04:09 pm
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yes, RAIN, in the middle of what was supposed to be our big snowstorm. Which will lead to a giant icy mess in a day or two. Yuck. Good thing I took the kids sledding yesterday instead of today.


Nov. 5th, 2009 10:31 pm
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made a rare trip to the megamall today (twice a year is about as often as I ever get down there; don't remember when the last time was). I wouldn't really want to go more often than that, but I enjoy doing it occasionally.

Most tempting: 1) calendar store, which had a lot more variety than the one in Rosedale. I know they'll be half price later so only got one now, but my, it was hard to choose (especially as I am unlikely to get back down there). Hope to persuade E to get an Eric Carle calendar as it was awful nice. Not sure which A would pick, but they had multiple different Tinkerbell calendars as well as My Little Pony..I got one with photos of the Earth and the Moon, but had a hard time picking that over (say) Charley Harper, or zebras, or balloons, or Celtic, or.. (alas, no more Maret sun/moon ones are being made, as far as I can tell).

2) and the Lego store, talk about temptation. They have a new architecture section--models of the Guggenheim, Fallingwater, assorted skyscrapers, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal. So cool. Plus the most fantastic addition to the "city" theme--a wind turbine transporter, complete with wind turbine!


Sep. 18th, 2009 09:47 am
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This morning on the way to school, A said "I want to wear a zucchini sometime!"
me, somewhat bewildered, but remembering that she has mentioned Halloween a few minutes earlier: "You want a zucchini costume for Halloween?"
"No, I want to wear a zucchini swimsuit. You know, one that has two pieces.."
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E is all done nursing. Well, has been for a month now--the very last time was the morning of the day we went to NC--but today was the first time she's asked. Was reasonably accepting of being told that we weren't doing that anymore.
Yes, kind of bittersweet (in a way that A weaning wasn't, since I was pregnant at the time and knew I wasn't really done).

I just replaced the lamp that I bought freshman week of college. It has served faithfully lo these many years but has now fallen almost completely apart.

A has been begging for a watch and I got her one today--she does seem to have some grasp of the general idea of telling time, though it needs work. (Said watch comes with a replacement if lost in the first year guarantee...except that replacement cost plus shipping is $13 and the watch was $15...)
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quotes from E (who will be three NEXT WEEK, ack, I don't have anything planned for
her birthday yet...)

On why she doesn't want to go down the big slide: "It's too slippery!"

Upon being given a popsicle (which she doesn't see often): "Can you warm it up?"
(Efforts to explain why this might not quite work were futile).

Tree-planting at Waite today. Very hot and windy, I hope most of them survive being transplanted. Also, I hope there are some plans to water them over the summer when their adopted classes won't be there..
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