Jul. 22nd, 2008 10:45 pm
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This is a direct quote from the announcement of the employee of the year, except for the elimination of the name:

"Like the others selected for this award, (person)'s superb "throw me into the fire" attitude helped distinguish him among his peers."

This really really bugs me. Do they seriously want to encourage a "throw me into the fire" attitude?? ("well done" in more ways than one!). I mean, if it said "Gotta put out the fire!" attitude, that would seem at least semi-praiseworthy, but "throw me into the fire"? Just what is _that_ supposed to accomplish?
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..that about describes my new computer at work. It won't let me map drives. Thus, I can't install any of the vast quantity of missing software, some of which was SUPPOSED to be included but of course wasn't. They just better not be too serious about when they plan to take the old one (which dies frequently since it hasn't got enough memory but at least has what I need on it) away...

went to the Farmer's Market (it's downtown on Thursdays) at lunchtine. One stand had a very large pumpkin with a sign: "Pet me". Very soothing (though I am trying to guess if it's a new pumpkin or the one from last year--do they keep that long?). They are also getting creative with the flower bouquets--I saw some including decorative cabbage.

Eleanor will be full-time in the toddler room starting tomorrow. They said that yeserday she was the only one to fall asleep at naptime all by herself, just climbed onto the cot and laid down and went to sleep when covered. Not something she has EVER done at home!

Amethyst's class went to Emma Krumbee's (apple orchard/farm) earlier this week. It's kind of freaky that she has now gone places I've never been. Apparently the high point of the trip was getting to feed a goat. They didn't actually get to pick any apples, but we'll do that when we go down to Fireside.
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At this age, Amethyst loved stacking blocks as high as possible.
Eleanor just wants to knock over the piles, which she finds hilariously funny.

At bedtime, Amethyst chose "I'm a Big Sister Now" as her last book. It was somewhat distracting reading it while having the little sister busily removing books from the bottom shelf!

Eleanor is starting to pull up--just to one foot and one knee right now, but that'll probably change soon.

I was sucked into yet more of the project from hell, whose perpetuators always want stuff at the very last minute and have no clue what they're asking for (when I received a list of files that were part of the patch, some commented out, and said that I needed to know what to do with the commented out ones before I could proceed, I got a one line answer: "Proceeed")
Later I got an email that literally said "I will be here for another five minutes if you have any questions". (of course it takes more than 5 minutes before you even GET email)
It is extremely frustrating to work with people like that.
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I am really tired of dealing with the following:
--people who come to me in a panic after submitting a high-priority tech request because they weren't really ready to have it done after all, and why was I working on it?
--people who come to me in a panic after submitting a high-priority tech request because it has to be done RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW and they submitted it TEN WHOLE MINUTES AGO, why isn't it done yet?
--people who come to me because I have not yet responded to their email (now, we do sometimes have problems with email where you don't get it til hours after it was sent, but in this case I checked and the message in question had bene sent SIX MINUTES AGO.)
--coworkers who, after finding that something automated doesn't work right, simply keep retrying it endlessly (and telling me each time that it didn't work) instead of just doing it by hand


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